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Physical disability is visible and quite evident, but when it comes to intellectual disability or the many invisible disabilities (like dyslexia etc.) that are cropping up today, more and more children are being wrongly diagnosed and put on medication at a young age. An understanding of the child’s context and the environment he is growing up in is essential while assessing a child. This is often left unconsidered.

PACE Resource Centre is the advocacy wing of Saraswati Mandir Trust that works towards awareness building as well as research and documentation of the kinds of disabilities that exist, especially specific to our context.


We document the progress of every beneficiary and maintain records of admission, up until the completion of elementary education. This gives us a wider perspective of certain new-age ‘disabilities’ that can be easily countered without medication or concessions.

The Centre keeps the legislation regarding children, education and disability at the forefront of all its work. It believes in following the law and through RTIs and PILs challenges systems that work against it.

Through our website and facebook page ( we aim to reach a larger number of families, schools, organisations and citizens informing them about the latest developments in legislation pertaining to Child Rights.

We put our research to use by publishing articles in newspapers, magazines and journals on inclusive education and disability.

We organise workshops for parents, teachers and citizens on topics ranging from education and understanding legislation to relationship management and personality development.

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