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Board of Trustees

Mrs Lotlikar founded Saraswati Mandir Trust (SMT) with the vision of creating an inclusive education system in India. With experience of over 25 years in the field of education, she is qualified with a B.Ed in special education and M.Ed in regular education. She has visited several other countries to learn from their inclusive education systems and has tried to adapt them to help children with disability here.


A renowned gynecologist and fertility specialist, Dr Patki is the director of Fertility Associates and the former Secretary of the Mumbai Gynecology Association. At Saraswati Mandir Trust, other than being Trustee he is also the medical and health consultant for our project. He is also a constant inspiration to achieve our goal of inclusive education.

Mukta Rajadhyaksha is an eminent journalist, writer and theater critic. With experience of over 30 years in the media, Ms Rajadhyaksha’s contribution to the trust has been extremely valuable.

Along with Saraswati Mandir Trust, Satish Nayak is also a Trustee with the Indian Education Society. Mr Nayak is a successful businessman but also devotes a lot of his time to the cause of education.

Vibha Vaze is a lawyer by profession but now works in the field of hospital management. Her inputs have helped us establish a transparent reporting system for all our Projects.

Pratima Vaidya is a renowned artist and co-­founder of Ishalgad Ceramics. She has been closely involved with Saraswati Mandir Trust for over two decades and plays an active role in the working of the Trust.

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