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Any school that is not mentioned in this list is not registered and therefore is illeagal. Please contact the Social Welfare Deprtment or our office. Click for details... More
The RTE Amendment 2012 is a provision mainly for persons with disability. In the original legislation the for definition of a person with disability, the Persons with Disability ( Equal Opportunity, Protection of Rights and Full Participation)... More
Model Rules for the Right of Children to Free and compulsory Education are detailed guidelines set by the Central Government for State and Local authorities in order to implement the RTE effectively. These outline the duties of all the institutions involved... More
According to the Right to Education Act 2009, education for children between the age of six and fourteen is free and compulsory in government and government-aided schools. The following is the format of the admission form to be issued by schools.... More
As per this regulation dated 15th March 2013, schools in (iii) and (iv) of section ā€˜nā€™ (definitions of schools) of the RTE Act will have to admit at least 25% students........ More

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