RTE Act: 25% reservation details
As per this regulation dated 15th March 2013, schools in (iii) and (iv) of section ‘n’ (definitions  of schools) of the RTE Act will have to admit at least 25% students from the ‘weaker’ and ‘disadvantaged’ groups of society. This requires all private and minority schools to admit children belonging to such groups.

‘Weaker’ sections of society means a child belonging to-

  • Vimukta Jatis and Nomadic Tribes(VJNT), 
  • Other Backward Classes (OBC)
  • Special Backward Classes (SBC) 
  • The religious Minorities specified by the State Government
  • Annual income of whose parent or guardian is below one lakh rupees

‘Disadvantaged’ Groups means a child belonging to- 

  • Scheduled Caste
  • Schedule Tribe
  • Child with disability; defined in section 3 and 4 of Amended Act, 2012

The provision applies to all Private and Minority schools but exempts
  • Unaided minority schools
  • Madrasas, Vedic Pathsalas and Educational Institutions primarily imparting religious instruction.

The government regulation (GR) specifies the procedure for admission, fee structure and inclusion of these children into the schools.

It is important to note that this GR is only for the academic year 2013-14 and admission will be at either pre-primary or Std1, whichever being the entry level for the school.

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